About Us

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Sensory Matters Inc. is a paediatric occupational therapy practice which was established in 2008 by Jacklynn Langkilde and Jacqui Jorge. We are passionate about our work with children, with a special interest in early intervention and prevention. We do however work with children of all ages and challenges.

Our aim is to support children and their families to reach their potential. This is done through teacher, parent and child education as well as therapy and home programs / strategies.

Our practices are based in Benoni and Bedfordview (at Therapyworx) and surrounding schools in Benoni, Bedfordview and Edenvale. We also have a satellite practice based at Learning Path (in Edenvale).

We are registered with all the relevant councils and associations and have a young dynamic and passionate team of therapists who work with us.

Philosophy & Mission

Our main aim has always been to offer personal, great quality therapy to children and their families. Forming relationships and working with our parents and children is vital in the therapy process and we value our skills in this area. We have a strong focus on sensory integration in our practice but our treatment principles and therapy are always driven by function. For this reason, we are always educating ourselves on new ‘tools’ to add to our OT toolkits. We value updated, relevant information that guides us in ways that can allow us to offer a holistic approach to therapy.

We also wish to share our knowledge – with the therapists who join our team, with the families we work with, as well as through workshops that we offer to colleagues to teachers. We love our profession and our work and are honored to be able to use our skills to support children in reaching their potential.